LEO: Your Weekly Psychic Reading for April 8, 2018

Feeling lost? Need clarity or direction? Liberty Forrest is an international Psychic and Medium, who offers compassionate heart-centered guidance over the internet (video or audio), helping people to get unstuck and move forward.  (A testimonial below)

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“I did not know what to expect before my consultation with Liberty, but was pleasantly surprised with the result. She has a way of confronting you with what you need to hear, in a way that leaves you feeling comforted, not attacked.

“She is soft spoken, yet speaks with an honesty that gives you the guidance you need to make change happen in your life. It is evident that she speaks from experience, and truly understands the human condition.

“At the close of our session, I was left with a renewed sense of hope, belief in myself, and the beginning inklings of self-love.

“She is truly remarkable!”

– J. L. Willoughby, Dyersburg, TN

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