“…Liberty Forrest is the real deal, an engaging and enigmatic force of nature who delivers her insightful readings with a mixture of humour, compassion and the utmost integrity. She sure changed my outlook on life and death. She is a down-to-earth “people person” with an irrepressible presence – without doubt the wisest woman I’ve ever known. ” (See the full article, bottom of the page)

– Tony Smith, Journalist, Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph

“Liberty has read for me over the phone, by email and face-to-face…several times over the last eight years or so. Every time, she has been so accurate and direct to the point…

‘She doesn’t just ‘tell you what you want to hear,’ but delivers her honest readings with such professionalism and accuracy, and has such a soothing voice and mannerism that it is always positive and relaxing…

“I would honestly recommend Liberty…A Beautiful and gifted reader.”

– Julie O’Connor, Stourbridge, UK

“I came across [Liberty] years ago…when she made regular appearances on BBC Radio…I tried to ring in a few times but the phone lines were always packed and I could understand why.

“I can say with reverence that she is the real deal and you won’t be disappointed — one of the best I have ever come across. Enough said.”

– Tanya Bartley, London, UK

“I cannot express the amount of relief and joy I felt after the reading Liberty did for me. My mother died unexpectedly and there were issues that she and I never got around to sorting out. A colossal weight was lifted off my shoulders with the information that was passed on to me from my mother. It all made sense. It was definitely from her.

“And surprisingly, I got insights into my own life that I had never realised before. Readings can be such a blessing. Thank you ever so much, Liberty.”

– A.M. Kandiuk Toronto

“I had the opportunity to see Liberty in action and it was incredible. She was able to provide many validating and helpful messages for a grieving friend of mine. Her messages were very detailed and accurate so that there was no doubt that she had connected with a passed loved one.

“It is such a beautiful gift that Liberty has to share with the world. Nothing short of amazing. You will not be disappointed!”

– Terri-Lynn Hillier, Calgary

“I have had many readings over the years with Liberty and she has always given a new perspective on my life challenges, enabling me to see things from an alternative angle. She taps into spirit like no other, and I would highly recommend her for all kinds of spiritual work and readings.

“Give her a try, you will truly be amazed! Thank you, Liberty, for all your wonderful insightfulness and unique innate wisdom.”

– Sandy Becker, Dorset UK

“I have had the privilege of meeting with Liberty as a medium as well as a psychic and the work she does is phenomenal…”

– Joetta Penney, Nfld.

The following was written by Tony Smith, a journalist from the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph newspaper in England:

When I first met Liberty Forrest, I was a hard-bitten (some might say cynical) journalist who considered so-called psychics as charlatans exploiting vulnerable people for profit. As a one-time theatre critic, I had seen several stage mediums “in action”(“Does anyone here know a John?” etc) and was unconvinced by their use of leading questions to tease information out of audience members, which would then be recycled later as proof of their special gifts.

Our interview for the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph had centred on Liberty’s success as an author and artist, so when this charismatic lady mentioned in passing that she had psychic abilities, I was intrigued. Better still, I was delighted that she agreed, when next our paths crossed, to an unusual test of her powers that I devised, which to my amazement, she passed with flying colours.

My newspaper had been sent a local book for review called “Who’s Buried Where in Northamptonshire,” which provided potted biographies of dozens of the dearly departed who had led interesting or distinctive lives. As a Canadian living in the area for only a few years at that time, Liberty would not know any of the people in this book – nor indeed, had she even heard of, let alone visited, many of the towns and the villages included.

Over a period of many months, we embarked on what we later dubbed “ghost hunts,” whereby I would find a grave of my choice from the book and Liberty would then “tune in” and tell me what she could about the occupant’s life. The ground rules were that she would not see the name or any other information on the headstone, and I would give no clues, only giving a yes, no or don’t know in response to her information.

The results were immediate and nothing short of astonishing. At the first grave – that of the famous Coco the Clown – she saw lots of children and heard the sound of laughter, among other accurate details. Next was a man who was proud of a great achievement in his life, as Liberty detected, amongst other correct details. But Liberty did not understand why he was showing her the inner workings of a clock. Unknown to her, he was the man who built the Greenwich Meantime Clock in 1921.

At another grave, she knew the man had died of drowning (a boating accident) and several other correct pieces of information, including that he was a young man, a poet, and for some reason she saw lots of Bibles (he founded a local monastery).

Others ranged from a woman stabbed to death by a jealous boyfriend to the comedy actor Derek Nimmo (Liberty had never even heard of him, but along with other correct details she saw him addressing an audience from a stage). She rarely came up with names. but was so accurate with all the information on every occasion that I began to suspect she had bought her own copy of the book I was using.

Even if that was the case, she never knew who I was going to select or where we were going, and could not possibly have memorised the life stories of dozens of people and where they were buried.

She was always correct in whether it was a man or woman in the grave — and on occasion, both — and sometimes she continued coming up with details after we had retired to the nearest pub (how does THAT work?). For example, she described seeing fairground rides after we visited the grave of a travelling showman and correctly identified the man who invented the sandwich by describing the bread and meat he was eating.

I don’t recall her ever getting anything wrong – sometimes she told me things in detail about a person which were not in the book, but could have been spot-on for all I knew (and probably were).

Liberty went on to take part in monthly psychic phone-ins for BBC radio, when she would wow listeners with her extraordinary talents. I was so impressed with this truly remarkable lady that I ended up as the official MC introducing her to audiences on her first stage tour as a medium – quite a turnaround for this once-cynical old “hack” from the local newspaper!

Liberty Forrest is the real deal, an engaging and enigmatic force of nature who delivers her insightful readings with a mixture of humour, compassion and the utmost integrity. She sure changed my outlook on life and death. She is a down-to-earth “people person” with an irrepressible presence – without doubt the wisest woman I’ve ever known.